Herbs on ice

Back again. As spring came in…like a lion, the blog sat with no new words but many ideas rolling around on my to-do list.

Lets get going again. It is mid-summer and the garden is over abundant with color and fragrance and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

One of my favorite things is when the herbs start begging for attention. Pick me! Pick me!  A perfect way to capture the flavor of fresh herbs is to freeze them into ice cubes. Simple, easy and perfect for dropping into sauces, soups and drinks. The herbal flavor melts  into your recipe. Oregano, basil, chives, mints, thyme all your favorite herbs can be frozen at their freshest.

On a recent visit to the local Ace hardware, I found these sweet little ice-cube trays shaped liked leaves and hold the perfect measure of herbs.

How about a teaspoon of spearmint to chill out a Mojito or

a lavender kick to a glass of lemonade.

Lavender and Mint Cubes

Cut fresh spearmint, place one leaf in an ice cube space.  Cut fresh lavender ‘Hidcote’ and gently strip the buds off of the stems. Add them on top of the mint leaf. Fill with water. Freeze. After frozen, pop out and place into freezer storage bag for next use.

Try this too! Rub on overheated skin or burns to cool down as the healing power of herbs works their magic.


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