Captured by Rosemary

The Herb Lover's Garden

“Take thee a box of the wood of rosemary and smell to it, and it shall preserve thy youth.” Richard Banckes unillustrated Herball (1525)

rosemary blog post flowers (1).jpgI woke to a very chilly morning. Like most gardeners, I debate if I am ready for winter or want that basil plant in the garden to hang on just a little longer. Frost or not, there is a plant in my garden that never fails to capture my attention. It usually has hummingbirds dancing over it on a sunny morning and gives a nice dose of aromatherapy when I brush against it. Hello, rosemary!   

What prompted me to write today is I am having some electrical work done outside the home. A worker needed to dig in an area where there was a big, woody, rosemary plant. I have always known it would need to be cut out of the way of utilities…

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